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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a crowdsourced business naming contest?

A crowdsourced naming contest is a great way to get a unique, personalized business name. Squadhelp’s thousands of expert creatives suggest names based on a description of your business (which we help create using AI), and you work with those creatives by rating and commenting on names. At the end of your contest you can audience test and trademark check favorite names, making sure your final choice resonates with your audience and is available.

How long do business name contests last?

You can choose a duration from 1 day to 7 days. We recommend a duration of 3 Days or 5 Days. This allows for sufficient time for entry submission as well as brainstorming with creatives. If you take advantage of our validation services such as Audience Testing and Trademark Research, both will be an additional 4-7 days (3-5 business days for Audience Testing and 1-2 business days for Trademark Research).

How long does it take to start receiving submissions?

You will recieve your submissions quickly. Typically. the first names come in within minutes, and the more you interact with names and creatives the more submissions you’re likely to get.

Is there a limit to the number of names I can receive?

There’s no limit to the number of name entries you can receive. Individual creatives have limits, but Squadhelp is home to thousands of creatives. The more skilled a creative is (according to our machine learning rating system), the more names they can submit. If you like someone’s submitted names and rate them highly they can then enter more names, which means interactions can help you towards that perfect business name.

Where are the creatives located?

Although we do have creatives all over the world, the majority are based in North America (particularly the US and Canada) and other English-speaking countries, including the UK and Australia. We utilize an advanced rating algorithm to ensure that high quality creatives receive more opportunities to participate in contests.

What additional features are available for contests?

Trademark Research, Trademark Checks, NDA, Search Engine Privacy, Professional Audience Testing, Team Contest Management, Tier-A Creatives Only, Social Media Profiles Creation

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