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What is Included in Squadhelp's Free Trademark Search?

Squadhelp’s Free Trademark Search does much more than just searching the USPTO or repackaging their Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS). We go further than anyone else – almost literally – to help you choose a business or product name that’s less likely to get you in hot water later. Specifically, we (virtually) visit the UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia to check for both exact and close match names. These intelligent close-match trademark checks mean you can make an informed decision about whether a name is unique enough to build your brand around, as well as get some idea of whether or not that name is available. Carrying out as much trademark research as possible and filing your own trademarks is always advisable when launching something new, so why not start with the most complete free search on the web?

How to Conduct a Free Trademark Search with Squadhelp

Step 1 - Find a Name

Come up with a great name or a shortlist of names you’re excited about. Search Squadhelp’s hand-picked selection of names today, or use our Business Name Generator.

Step 2 - Use Our Free Trademark Search Tool

Enter the name you’ve got your eye on and get instant results. You’ll receive a list of businesses in the US, UK, EU, or Canada have the same or similar names trademarked, as well as who owns them and whether or not the trademarks are live or pending.

Step 3 - Review results for conflict

Check the results from our Free Trademark Search carefully. You may find exact or close match names with a trademark attached that are used in a totally different field from your business. In some cases, this won’t be a problem, but you should still conduct further research. You might also find names that are similar to yours within your own industry. Whenever possible, you should file a trademark for your new business name and any other brand assets to make sure someone else doesn’t use them in the future. You can do this through Squadhelp, as well as researching your top names or brand assets to find out which is safest from a legal point of view.

Step 4 - Get a Trademark Report & File Your Trademark

Ordering a Trademark Report on your favorite name or names is a great way to help avoid legal issues in the future. Our trademark reports are carried out by Trademark Attorneys and include a detailed analysis of Trademark availability and potential as well as a safety score. If you choose a filing package, your personal Trademark Attorney will walk you through Trademark Research, understanding your reports, and filing and being awarded your Trademark. It’s a soup-to-nuts solution for protecting your brand assets as much as possible when launching a new business or product.

Squadhelp Trademark Services

Over 40,000 happy Squadhelp clients have used our services, including large enterprises. We’ve been recognized as one of the Most Innovative Companies by Inc Magazine as well as being included in the Inc 500 multiple times. Whether you simply use our free trademark tool to check there are no conflicts on a name you’re sure is perfect for your brand, use our naming and branding services to build your brand, or go for a higher level of trademark security by utilizing one of our paid trademark services, you can be sure you’re working with the best when you use Squadhelp’s trademark services!

35,000+ Customers

Including large enterprises and recognized as one of the Most Innovative Companies by Inc Magazine.

3 More Ways To Research & Secure Trademarks

Trademark Research

Use Squadhelp's Professional Trademark Research Service to receive reports on up to 3 of your favorite names. Reports include a detailed analysis of Trademark availability and potential conflicts, as well as a safety score.

Trademark Consultation

Get one-on-one assistance from one a Squadhelp-affiliated Trademark expert. Consultations include a 15-minute call, where you can discuss the business or product you want to trademark, as well as the name ideas you’re considering.

Trademark Filing

Ready to file and secure that perfect name for your skincare brand, doggy fashion store, SaaS company, or real estate business? We’ve got you covered. When you purchase Trademark Filing through Squadhelp, a trademark attorney will file your application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), monitor deadlines and track your trademark application, and even send up to 3 cease and desist letters on your behalf!

How to Use Squadhelp For Your Brand Strategy

There’s more to building a brand than trademarking a name! Squadhelp has tools to help you with every part of launching a successful business, from finding a name to securing a great domain and building a brand identity with assets like a logo that pops and a tagline that won’t be forgotten.

Generate Business Name Ideas For Free

Squadhelp’s Business Name Generator is your new brainstorming best friend! Come up with hundreds of business names in seconds. All you have to do is give us a quick description of what your business does.

Launch a Naming Contest to Get Brand Name Ideas

Squadhelp’s unique business naming competition model gives you access to a huge number of business name ideas, supplied by the world’s largest group of naming experts. Our community is made up of an amazing 200,000+ creatives who have submitted names to over 30,000 naming contests.

Secure a Premium Brandable Domain Name

If you’re looking for a premium, brandable domain name to take your business to the next level, you’ll find it on our Premium Market Place. Find domain names to fit your brand, no matter how niche your industry. And if you’re just looking to lead a well-populated industry, then a premium domain name will get you ahead of the competition.

Build Your Brand Identity With a Brand Identity Bundle Competition

Create important brand assets that take you beyond just a name and an idea with collective intelligence and Squadhelp branding expertise. Choose a brand identity bundle, or run a competition for a logo or tagline after you’ve secured your name.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a trademark?

A trademark is a distinctive sign, symbol, word, phrase, design, or combination of these elements that identifies and distinguishes the goods or services of one party from those of others. It serves as a source identifier, allowing consumers to associate specific products or services with a particular company or brand. Trademarks are essential for brand protection and play a crucial role in establishing brand recognition and goodwill in the marketplace. Trademarks are usually industry-specific, so if someone in the same industry as you or a related industry has trademarked a name, phrase, or logo, and you use the same or a similar name, phrase, or logo, you’re likely to face legal issues.

What is a free trademark search?

A free trademark search allows you to check if a particular trademark is already registered or pending registration. This search helps determine whether a name you love is available for use without conflicting with existing registered trademarks or pending applications. While most free trademark checks are very limited, using only the USPTO’s TESS search, Squadhelp’s searches several international databases.

What other trademark services does Squadhelp offer?

Squadhelp offers:

  • Trademark Research
  • Trademark Consultations
  • Trademark Filing

Researching trademarks means receiving a full report on the names you’re interested in, including a safety score. Trademark consultations are a phone call with an expert to discuss the legality of filing a trademark for a certain name, tagline, or logo, as well as other options you might have, and filing means a Squadhelp-associated lawyer will apply for a trademark for you and even send cease and desist letters for the first year after you’ve received your trademark. Finally, you can choose a Trademark bundle from Squadhelp. This includes a steep discount for research followed by filing.

Why is it important to conduct a trademark search?

A trademark search helps ensure that the proposed trademark does not infringe on the rights of an existing trademark holder. Using an already registered or similar mark can lead to legal disputes and financial penalties. Once you’ve carried out a free trademark search, you can either file for a new trademark yourself or use our Trademark Filing Package to make as sure as possible the brand asset you want to protect is available and then file for it.

What are the benefits of conducting a trademark search?

Conducting a trademark search offers several benefits, such as:

  • Identify Conflicting Marks: It helps you identify existing trademarks that might be similar or identical to your proposed mark. This allows you to avoid potential infringement issues.
  • Legal Protection: By conducting a search and ensuring your trademark is available for use, you can proceed with the registration process, gaining legal protection and exclusive rights to your mark.
  • Brand Reputation: A strong, unique trademark enhances your brand's reputation and makes it easier for consumers to identify and remember your products or services.

What are the consequences of not conducting a trademark search?

Failing to conduct a trademark search can have several negative consequences:

  • Infringement Lawsuits: If your proposed trademark conflicts with an existing registered mark, you may face legal action from the trademark owner, leading to costly legal battles and potential damages.
  • Rebranding Costs: Discovering a conflict after investing in branding and marketing efforts can force you to rebrand, incurring additional expenses.
  • Loss of Customers: A trademark conflict could lead to confusion among consumers, causing them to choose a competitor's product over yours.

Are there any limitations to a free trademark search?

Although there are some limitations to free trademark searches, Squadhelp’s is one of the most complete available. By searching both US and international databases and including intelligent close-match names, we offer you the best chance possible of finding any competitors using a similar name to your own. For more complete information and protection, consider a Trademark Consultation, Trademark Research Package, or Trademark Filing Package.

What is trademark infringement?

Trademark infringement occurs when someone uses a trademark that is identical or confusingly similar to a registered trademark in connection with similar goods or services. This unauthorized use can mislead consumers into believing that the infringing products or services are associated with or endorsed by the rightful trademark owner. Trademark infringement violates the exclusive rights of the registered trademark owner and can lead to legal action.

How can I avoid trademark infringement?

Avoid Trademark infringement by carrying out a free trademark search, consulting a Trademark Attorney about potential trademark infringement, and filing for Trademark registration when you launch a new business, brand, or product. You should also consider potential Trademark issues when rebranding.

What is trademark registration?

Trademark registration is the process of formally filing a trademark application with the appropriate government agency (such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the US or the European Union Intellectual Property Office in the EU). The purpose of registration is to obtain legal protection and exclusive rights to use the trademark for the specific goods or services listed in the application. Trademark registration provides valuable benefits, including the ability to enforce the trademark against infringers, use the ® symbol, and establish a stronger legal position in case of disputes.

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