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    You’ll also be able to check the current availability of each of these generated domain name suggestions. You can then purchase or register the domain of your choice.

3 More Ways To Generate Domain Names

Launch a Contest

Work with hundreds of creative experts to get original, custom domain name ideas designed for your brand-new business. All names are auto-checked for URL availability, so you can be sure of landing that dream domain.

Explore Names For Sale

Our expert branding team has curated thousands of domain names for you to purchase instantly. All names include a matching URL and complimentary Logo Design.

Agency-level Managed Contests

Our Managed contests combine the power of crowdsourcing with the rich experience of our branding consultants. Get a complete agency-level experience to help choose a great domain name and run trademark checks at a fraction of Agency costs

Launch a naming contest and receive 100s of custom submissions from the world's largest community of naming experts. Includes rapid brainstorming and agency-style validation tools.

3 Unique Domain Suggestion Tools

How to find a name for your business quickly? Use one of our powerful and creative business name generators. In a matter of seconds, generate hundreds of brand name suggestions for your new or existing firm, startup, small business, or store.

Domain Name Ideas by Industry

The simplest way to create a great domain name is searching by your specific industry. Our industry-specific domain names are carefully chosen to fit your area of business and will help relay the values of your brand to potential customers. Search for domains that fit a huge variety of industries, including Ecommerce, Real Estate, Tech, Fashion & Clothing, sales, and hundreds more.

Agency & Consulting Beauty E-Commerce Fashion & Clothing Finance Fitness Food & Drink Real Estate Tech

Domain Name Ideas by Keyword

Aligning your domain with keywords that fit your industry or brand and value proposition is a great way to come up with an original domain. Search by keywords connected to your brand vision, such as 'nest', 'pure', 'growth', or 'glow', and you'll be met with personalized name suggestions for your domain.

Web Tech Pure Up Beauty Bold True Hemp Cure Fashion Leaf Pay Finance Luxury Health Fit Ignite Rise Education Food Zen Home

Domain Name Ideas by Emotion

Choosing a domain by the emotions you want it to align with is an innovative way to find a domain that’s uniquely suited to your brand. Using a specific emotion is a powerful strategy. Emotions are a great way to connect with your target audience and personalize your domain name ideas. Decide which emotions help tell your brand’s story whether that’s Power, Hope, Strength, Happiness, Ambition, or something else.

Joy Love Trust Success, Thrive Quality Luxury Leadership Growth Truth Disrupt Insight Connection Speed Fun Passion Peace Caring Rise

Over 166,533 Unique Domain Name Suggestions

Premium Domain Names

A premium domain name will take your brand to the next level. Take a look at some of the hand-selected premium domain names currently available via the Squadhelp marketplace.

One Word Domain Names

Discover premium one-word domains. Whatever your industry, a one-word domain creates easy buzz for your brand. Our branding experts have carefully selected each domain, ready for immediate purchase so you can elevate your online presence ASAP.

Short Domain Names

Discover the perfect short, brandable domains name. Boost your brand’s name recognition with our hand-curated, instantly available names – all carefully selected by branding experts for maximum impact.

How to Generate a Catchy Website Name

Our creative domain name finder will help you find unique domains for your company in seconds. If you wish to supplement our tool with a manual process, here’s how to find a name for your website that fits your brand and industry.

Set The Foundation

When looking for a domain that fits your brand, you should focus not only on what your business does on a practical level but also the values, ideas, and key concepts your brand captures. Noting down these concepts is an important brainstorming step, and allows you to build off them to find an original domain name. It also gives you plenty of terms to use in our domain name generator.

Know Your Audience

A website name must appeal to your core audience and what they value. It should be based on your brand name but doesn’t have to be an exact fit. Whether your domain name is the same as your company name or not, it should resonate deeply with your target audience since they will be the deciding factor between success and failure. Choosing a domain name with your target audience in mind is not difficult. Our domain name generator that filters by industry is a great tool for finding website name ideas that align with your audience – just use keywords, emotions, or phrases you know your target audience relates to.

Think Big Picture

When you’re choosing a domain name, keep the big picture in mind. Remember, it’s the website your brand will be connected to for many years and possibly forever. So, avoid focusing on short-term aims, fleeting trends, or narrow ideas. Your domain name should be chosen with growth and transformation in mind – after all, you want it to work for your business in ten years as well as tomorrow. This longevity mindset is the reason our domain name generator provides some name ideas that are abstract and creative.

Know The Domain Name Danger Zones

When coming up with a domain name, avoid words and phrases that are difficult to say, hard to spell, or too long. Unique, memorable, captivating domain ideas are a great way to get noticed, be remembered, and create buzz through word of mouth. The last thing you want is a domain name that doesn’t create an amazing first impression or needs a long explanation.

Start Brainstorming Domains

Choosing a domain name is a team sport. Brainstorming with a group is a great way to get ideas flowing. You and your team should work together, test out even your worst domain name ideas, and try to brainstorm as many catchy concepts as you can before landing on a final domain. This trick also works for choosing the phrases, emotions, keywords, and industries close to your own to enter into our domain name generator. You should also consider exploring premium domains to find the perfect option.

Test Your Name Ideas

Domain validation is often overlooked when coming up with business names and URLs or domains - Use audience testing and trademark support to avoid this common issue. Feedback from real people on your domain ideas, as well as trademark support, helps you find catchy, memorable, one-of-a-kind domains that appeal to your target audience. Plus you’ll avoid the cease and desist letter that could stop your business dead in its tracks.

Why Use our Domain Name Finder

Get domain name suggestions that are short, catchy, industry-relevant, or one-worded. Our domain suggestion tool will generate hundreds of ideas in seconds. Choose the one that fits your company best.

Filters by Categories

How to Choose the Right Website Name

Learn how to choose a great domain name with our Care or Don’t checklist. Discover what it means to care about your brand and domain name, and what might happen if you don’t.



Your domain name should be closely related to your brand but doesn’t necessarily need to be an exact match. Changing a great brand name just so you can get an exact match domain could weaken a brand, and domains that aren’t an exact match can even add context to your brand. Just make sure anything added in your website name isn’t a distraction. Good examples of contextually helpful domain names include and,, and Dropbox’s original URL, The most important rules? Be original and keep things relevant.


When selecting a domain name there’s a lot of pressure to seem edgy and new. But being memorable and appealing is more important. Think about how a domain, particularly a multi-word one, could be read (, for example, could be a directory of therapists… or it could be misconstrued entirely). Domain names with positive connotations are particularly effective for boosting a brand – that’s why generating domain ideas by emotion can work really well.


A unique domain name that fits well with an equally unique brand name can mean the difference between a successful brand and an average brand. Your domain doesn’t need to be something crazy, in fact, it probably shouldn’t be if you want it to be remembered, but a one-of-a-kind domain name that sets you apart from any other business in the same space is important. Running basic URL and trademark checks on domains similar to those on your shortlist as well as exact matches is a good idea for this reason.


As a rule, you should choose a domain name that is emotional, experiential, descriptive, elegant, or witty. Attaching to the emotions of your desired customer base is a great way to be remembered. Whatever you choose, your brand and its domain name should inspire a potent response from your target audience - an emotional reaction or a unique idea relevant to your brand that helps the name stick in the consumers’ minds.



Before finalizing your domain name, make sure it’s easy to pronounce and spell. It should be easy to pronounce in most common accents in the places you intend to launch, and even a misspelling should be clear and easy.


Everyone wants to be different. But if your domain name is too different, it slips towards obscurity. Sure, you might have used a thesaurus for brainstorming, but if you had no idea at all what the words meant before you stuck them together to create an original website name your audience probably won’t either! This will alienate your audience and they’ll soon lose interest, if they can remember the domain name at all that is.


Your domain name shouldn’t be too safe or boring, either. Yes, it’s a balancing act! That’s why using tools like the Squadhelp Domain name generator is so necessary. While you don’t want to choose a website name that’s too abstract, you also want your name to stir up excitement among consumers.


Should you take your site name’s trademark and URL seriously? Checking for Trademark issues and URL availability before signing anything or beginning a marketing push can save you significant legal trouble in the future and avoid PR snafus.

Domain Name Generator By Industry

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a domain name generator?

A domain name generator is a powerful tool that uses a combination of AI and input from human naming and branding experts to come up with domain name ideas relevant to your brand or business. Squadhelp’s domain name generator allows you to search by industry, keywords, brand ideas, emotions, and more. Squadhelp offers the only name generator created by real branding experts -- a team that has worked with Nestle, Dell, Pepsi, Nuskin, and 35,000 other amazing entrepreneurs and innovators.

How does our domain name generator work?

Our powerful naming AI allows you to search by industry, keywords, brand ideas, and more. Select from hand-curated name suggestions to find the perfect brand name quickly. Squadhelp offers the only name generator created by real branding experts -- a team that has worked with Nestle, Dell, Pepsi, Nuskin, and 35,000 other amazing entrepreneurs and innovators.

Is our domain suggestion tool free to use?

Squadhelp’s domain name generator is completely free to use, as are basic trademark and URL checks. If you choose to purchase a domain name, then the cost of purchasing or registering it will vary based on a variety of factors.

How many domain name ideas can I generate with this tool?

Squadhelp’s advanced AI technology can generate as many names as you need. Enter new prompts, emotions, or keywords into the domain name generator and you’ll keep getting names! If you don’t find the perfect domain name immediately, you will after a little experimenting. And remember, you can also head to the Squadhelp marketplace to find expert-selected domain names ready for purchase.

Can I generate domain name ideas by industry?

You can generate domain name ideas by industry. Just enter the industry into our domain name generator to start getting relevant domain ideas. You can be as specific as you like, and try out related industries to get a wide selection of relevant domain name options.

Can I generate domain name ideas by keyword?

Yes, you can generate domain name ideas by keyword. In fact, this is one of the most popular and easiest ways to generate initial domain name ideas. You can enter multiple keywords to narrow down names or move on to short descriptions of your brand, emotions, name style, and more.

How do I know if a domain name generated is available?

Squadhelp checks the availability of various URLs for your chosen domain name so you can get the best one possible. You can also run trademark checks through Squadhelp.

How do I register a domain name generated by the tool?

Squadhelp can direct you to a third-party registration site where you can register your chosen domain.

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