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How it Works

Step 1

Design The Perfect Survey

Use our DIY survey design tool or speak with our team. Choose from 8+ question types to gather the insights you need.

Step 2

Choose Your Targeting

Connect with the right audience. Start with simple targeting by age, gender, and region. Drill down by industry, professional experience, household income, and much more.

Step 3

Receive Your Results

Get your insights quickly. results are typically delivered in 2-3 days. Targeting smaller populations through detailed targeting can increase this timeline.

Step 4

Review & Make Informed Decisions

We provide raw survey results and detailed graphical reports. Analyze your data quickly with graphs or drill down into the details using the raw data.

We provide powerful data quickly, so you can make effective decisions and succeed.

Create My Survey

Example Survey Questions

Here is an example of a survey being used by many of our clients:

Which of these [modern online retail brands] are you most interested in learning more about?

Which of these [modern online retail brand] names best align with the ideas of [luxury and beauty]?

Which of these [modern online retail brand] names are unique within the industry?

Do any of these [modern online retail brand] names have a negative connotation?

Are any of these [modern online retail brand] names difficult to pronounce?

Are any of these [modern online retail brand] names difficult to spell?

Popular Targeting Options

With our 12+ audience parameters, screening questions, and 8 questions types, we can execute nearly any survey you can dream up!

More Survey & Research Solutions

Brand Assets
Design & UI/UX
Messaging & Advertising
Marketing & Launch


Use data to choose the perfect name.

  • Which name should I choose?
  • Will my name attract attention and drive engagement?
  • Does my name align with my brand ideas?


User insights to help you choose the perfect name.

  • Which logo should I select?
  • Will my logo attract customers and drive engagement?
  • Does my logo align with my brand?


Start a survey to discover which tagline will help you succeed.

  • Which tagline should I pick?
  • Will my tagline garner attention?
  • Does my tagline send a compelling and engaging message?

Package Design

Don’t just assume which package design is the best.

  • Which design stands out and gets noticed?
  • Will my packaging get noticed?
  • Does my package design accentuate the rest of my brand?


Make data-driven website/UI/UX decisions

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is it appealing and engaging?
  • Are there any problems that you’ve missed?


Discover how real people react to your creatives

  • Which messaging is appealing and engaging?
  • How is the ad perceived by your target audience?
  • Will your ad drive action?


Discover your most effective messaging

  • Which words best align with your audience?
  • Does your copy have any negative connotations?
  • Does your audience understand your messaging precisely?

Market Insights

Gain market insights before you launch!

  • Is your market interested in the benefits of your new product or brand?
  • Does your target need what you are planning to offer?


How much should it cost?

  • What is your market willing to pay?
  • Will extra features and benefits increase value?


Affordable brand and product launch insight at scale.


50 2000

50 Responses

35,000+ Customers

Including large enterprises and recognized as one of the Most Innovative Companies by Inc Magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions
What targeting do you offer?

Base targeting is by Age, Gender, and Country. Our advanced targeting options include Industry, Professional Experience, and Household Income. A survey consultant from our team can help you get started finding the perfect audience for your survey using screening questions and several other targeting options not listed above.

What type of questions can I ask about ?

The vast majority of surveys run by our clients include multiple-choice questions with either text or image answers. Just let us know if there are other question types you’d like to explore for your survey, and we’d get you in touch with a survey consultant who can help you design a custom survey that aligns with your needs. Chat Now

How long do surveys take?

Most surveys take less than 2 days to complete. However, your specific survey timeline will depend on your targeting, the number of questions, and other factors.

Can I ask screening questions?

Absolutely! We can help you set up a survey with a screening question. Start a conversation about your survey requirements now.

How long do surveys take?

Our team is ready to support you in creating a survey ! We will start by taking time to understand your requirements and then send you a custom survey quote. Want to get started? Get in touch now.

Got Questions?

Speak with a Squadhelp platform expert to learn more and get your questions answered.

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Our Services

Over 150,000+ ready to use brandable domains hand picked by our branding experts.

Premium Domains

Explore the best collections of names on the web available for immediate purchase. These memorable and catchy names will set your brand up for success. Explore names by industry, big ideas, emotions, and more.

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Naming Contests

Work with hundreds of naming experts to find a great business name through our agency-level crowdsource naming process. We combine crowdsourcing with advanced technology, allowing you to get custom name suggestions for your brand quickly.

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Managed Contests

Work with a professional branding consultant on the Squadhelp team to assist with finding a great business name. Our consultants will guide you through essential best practices for getting the most out of our crowdsourcing platform. Save time and get an agency experience without the agency price tag!

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Audience Testing

Get the insights that you need to make smart decisions, develop powerful creative, and launch successful products. Branding starts with big ideas but succeeds through strategic insights.

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Logo Contests

Crowdsource your logo today. Engage with dozens of logo experts to receive an unmatched breadth of logo ideas. Select your favorite design and create a strong brand!

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Tagline Contests

Work with our creative community to craft the perfect tagline or slogan. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-crafted tagline!

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Video Creation

Powerful branded videos for ads, social media, products, and more designed by our brand consultants. We help craft the key message for your audience by putting together the perfect combination of video and audio clips to convey your idea.

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Trademark Research

Squadhelp’s research services allow you to receive a comprehensive report of your favorite names for Trademark availability and possible conflicts. Our Trademark Filing Package includes several features to help you determine the name, tagline, or logo that has the highest likelihood of securing protection.

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Trademark Filing

Professional trademark filing by a licensed trademark attorney at an affordable price. From assessment to filing to ongoing monitoring, we’ve got you covered.

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