What is a good name for?

What is a good name for

What is a good name for?

This is a question our team gets asked multiple times per day.

What’s a great name for an IT Firm, a Real Estate Agency, an e-Commerce, a Pizza Restaurant, a Documentary (You get the point).

The Truth About Finding an Awesome Name

Your business category is only a small fraction of the many aspects that should come together in the one, two, or three words that are your name. So there is really only one appropriate response to the question, What’s a good name for my startup?—tell me more.

What Do You Need to Know?

what you need to knowYour Value Proposition. What’s unique? Why will someone choose you over others? What’s your positioning.

Your Target Audience. Who will care? What are their wants, needs, desires, and preferences?

Your Brand Essentials. What emotions will you elicit. Are you safe and traditional, fun and cool, or wild and out of this world?


Let’s look at a winning name

Dream Hatcher​ is a well liked winning name from the IT category on Squadhelp.com.

Is it a great name?

Let’s test it against the CARE Checklist (read more in our free ebook):

let's check it against the care checklist


◘Appealing: name is pleasant to say and hear (Yes!)

◘Remarkable: name sticks in the mind and gets people talking (Yes!)

◘Evocative: name is emotional, intriguing, experiential, or impressively clever (Yes!)

Is it an awesome name? Yes! For the right company.



But I would never choose that name

but i would never choose that nameRight. And this is where contextuality comes in to the naming process. An awesome name for you must makes sense for your brand, positioning, and mission. It must fit, not just within a business category—but with the vision of a specific business.









So, what’s a good name for you?

The name that captures your vision and resonates with your audience.

What is a good name for?
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