How to protect your brand

First of all, let me congratulate you for coming up with your own brand! You are probably reading this in order to prevent future legal battles and issues with regard to your branding. I tell you, you made the right decision! Building your own brand is one thing. Maintaining and protecting it from external factors […]


All you need to know about starting a business

Starting your own business can be exciting, but it can also be very scary. The number of great possibilities already pile up your head, but you cannot exclude the unknown possibilities from entering your mind. That’s why we’ve summarized these points for all the newbies out there. These are the things you must know before […]


The power of a business name

What is the power of a business name? Before discussing what its power is, let us go back to naming people. Without even personally knowing or seeing a person, when you hear his/her name, you immediately create your first impressions on the person. I remember when I was talking to a client named Linda. We […]


The financial terms every entrepreneur should know

Entrepreneurs are generally equipped with a variety of skills needed to run a business. In the online industry, there are terms which are necessary for entrepreneurs to understand more and monitor their sales and impact on the target market. These are usually technological terms such as social media, affiliate marketing, email campaigns and leads. However, […]


3 Ways to make your business stand out

When you are building your own business or just starting your own brand, you tend to focus on how to market your product and services – how to get the word out there and spread that you are providing such product or service. The tendency for new entrepreneurs and business owners is to focus on […]

Get more productive in your business with our tips

The right time to quit your job and start a business

You are not happy with your job. You hate your boss. You feel like you have been exhausted for years in your current company. So you think of quitting to start your own business. Well, I hate to break it up to you, but if these are your reasons for starting a business, then I’m […]


5 Reasons why millennials may be the best entrepreneurs

With today’s fast growing economy, today’s young generation are exposed with modern tools and gadgets, high technology equipment and a wide array of resources. Modern technology has paved the way of easily transmitting information from one end of the world to another, and even created ways to produce instant food and beverages. The most used word is […]


The 5 Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

There is no one formula for success. In fact, its measurement varies from business to business and from one culture to another – depending on one’s values and beliefs. Regardless of these factors, success is definitely not just how much your business is making, but also how much is effectively saved and invested for its […]