Name your Business, Brand, Product, or Just About Anything

Your name is a huge part of your identity, so why would the name you choose for your brand be any different? Coming up with the right name for your business is essential to standing out in today’s competitive marketplace and attracting the attention of customers and top workforce talent. A catchy name can give […]


Does a startup need a great name?

Every entrepreneur knows the hard truth that most startups fail. Every coach, consultant, and guru out there has a unique (sometimes secret) formula for making startups successful. The number of blogs written on this topic are endless. So let’s not go down that road yet again. Instead, let’s hone in on one hurdle that every […]


How to come up with the best construction company name

In starting your own construction company or building business, at first, it would seem that naming it would be the easiest step. However, you would find out that it is not that easy as you think. It is difficult to choose or come up with the best name which can perfectly fit your kind of […]


The power of a business name

What is the power of a business name? Before discussing what its power is, let us go back to naming people. Without even personally knowing or seeing a person, when you hear his/her name, you immediately create your first impressions on the person. I remember when I was talking to a client named Linda. We […]


Ways of Naming Your Aesthetic Clinic

Today, businesses that offer cosmetic surgery are all over the place which makes standing out in the crowd quite difficult. Building your brand is vital to draw in new clients and this will also keep them from continuously utilizing your services. Choosing a company name that is effective and unique is important since this will make […]

Tips on Writing a Slogan for your Restaurant

Tips on Writing a Slogan for your Restaurant

A slogan is utilized to briefly signify the ‘positioning’ of a restaurant; when it comes to marketing strategies, positioning means the act of making the brand occupy a unique and clear spot in every customer’s mind. Also, aside from having unique company names, making use of slogans can also help attract potential customers since these […]

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Ways to Name your Yoga Center Business

When you are trying to come up with a perfect name that will best suit your yoga studio, you will have to do a few necessary things to be able to achieve this. Generally, the first thing that you must do is to make a list of names for your yoga studio that will not […]


How to Choose a Name for your Sports Accessory Shop

Once you select a name for your company then instantly throw yourself to focus on branding, it will be really difficult for you to change the name after. This is not impossible but changing your shop’s name in midstream can be confusing for your customers, plus it can be really expensive on your part. This […]