Name your Business, Brand, Product, or Just About Anything

Your name is a huge part of your identity, so why would the name you choose for your brand be any different? Coming up with the right name for your business is essential to standing out in today’s competitive marketplace and attracting the attention of customers and top workforce talent. A catchy name can give […]

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A Proven Approach to Creating Awesome Business, Brand, and Startup Name Ideas

Many customers expressed a great feeling of relief after being taught this new approach to naming. Several individuals reported finding great names almost immediately after learning about this approach, even after struggling for weeks or months to find a great name.

This two-part post reveals the details of our new approach to naming. Continue reading if you’d like to: (1) Understand the philosophy of naming; discover how strong names which seem unrelated–like Dollar Shave Club, Squatty Potty, SalesForce, and Uber–are actually developed using a single underlying principle; and learn how to leverage this principle to develop your own great name! (2) Learn the fundamental …


Smart Ways to Name your Transportation Network Company

A transportation network company or TNC works by connecting passengers with drivers who offer these transportation services by utilizing their personal non-commercial vehicles; for all parties to connect with each other successfully, the company’s website and mobile app is used.   Choosing a company name is known to be one of the most challenging yet […]


Ways to Create a Name for your House Painting Business

If you love and enjoy DIY home improvements and plan to establish your own business, starting your painting business can be extremely rewarding. The industry of painting may seem simple to others yet it is one of the most competitive industries where excellent business names can help you stand out.   Selecting a name for […]


Tips on Naming a Soap Business

Coming up with effectively unique company names for your soap business is one of the smartest and most important ways to distinguish your products and services from your competitors. There are tons of businesses today that also deal with soap and other beauty products so it is best to do a little research on other cosmetic, […]


Smart Ways to Name your Medical Clinic

When you plan to start your own medical clinic, remember that you are establishing a clinic for patients to create something great that will help a lot of individuals when it comes to dealing with health related issues. Names are extremely powerful and selecting the most appropriate and adequate name for your medical clinic can […]


How to Name your Baking Business

When you finally get the chance to develop your hobby of creating delectable sweets into an official pastry or cake business, it will definitely be an exciting and great prospect for you and for those who will sink their teeth into some of your baked goodies. We all know that having really delicious desserts such […]