How to protect your brand

First of all, let me congratulate you for coming up with your own brand! You are probably reading this in order to prevent future legal battles and issues with regard to your branding. I tell you, you made the right decision! Building your own brand is one thing. Maintaining and protecting it from external factors […]

Want to earn money during your spare time

Choose the finance company name that will attract clients using these tips

We know for a fact that choosing a name for your business can be very difficult. It needs careful thinking and consideration because it is a very crucial stage in building your business. However, choosing the right name for your finance company can even be more difficult. The industry can be very formal, thus, one […]


Level up your personal brand with little budget

Be an entrepreneur and own your time! Yes, these are the usual words from thriving entrepreneurs. And they are not wrong. When you become one, you might be working as much as you do when you were employed, but at least this time, you work hard for something you are building – your own business. […]


All you need to know about choosing a fashion label

You are eager to express your creativity in the fashion industry. You have all the styling and fashion ideas, yet the process of choosing a fashion label for your business seems to be a thought provoking process. With so many ideas in mind, you find it difficult to filter and choose one which perfectly fits […]


3 Effective strategies to build your brand

Branding is an essential part of business. Whether you are in the product or service industry, branding is just as important in a small business just as it is important in a big business. Before discussing strategies to build your brand, we must first know what it takes to build your brand. What really is […]


7 of the worst business names

What is in a business name? In business, the name is the first thing people would know about your business. They may hear or see your product or experience your service, but it is in the name that they will be able to identify your business identity and speculate on the brand. The name often […]


3 Common branding mistakes to avoid

When the discussion of branding comes to surface, you immediately think of the most popular brands, such as Coca-cola, Nike, Apple, and other popular companies which have successfully branded their businesses. We all know that in coming up with a brand, it needs careful thinking, research, understanding and thorough consultation. However, no matter how much […]