5 Pitfalls to avoid when starting a business

When launching a business, there are a vast number of steps involved in the whole process and it is generally difficult to avoid confusion along the way. Everyone makes mistakes, yet when it happens to your start-up, even what seems to be the simplest and most harmless errors could cost you greatly in the long […]


10 tips to launch a website on shoe-string budget

A great website should represent your company while informing the social community about the products and services you offer. Additionally, your website must be visually attractive, functional, easy to navigate through, and must be search-engine friendly to attract and gain the interest of customers and prospects.   For a number of entrepreneurs, being present in […]

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10 Tips to come up with a memorable name

Devising a catchy and memorable name will always be vital for a new business; and although it may seem like such a frivolous and even pointless task, coming up and creating a catchy name for your company may be the most substantial decision you can ever make.   The name of your business has a […]